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That’s life. We can’t always make things come out the way we want it to.
Gerald Johanssen (via saschamclarke)


I started watching As Told By Ginger for the first time since I was 10 and oh my god this show is so real. There is so much that I didn’t understand as a kid.

Ginger writes a fictional poem for a competition and it’s really beautiful but also really depressing (it sounds kind of suicidal), so she…


please tell me someone remembers the show as told by ginger

So i decided to re-watch some old childhood shows when i stumbled upon As Told By Ginger


Seriously guys, this was my childhood!

But i didn’t realise how deep the show was, especially this one episode where Ginger writes a poem and everyone thinks she’s depressed. I mean this was the first time i actually understood the message.

When i was a kid i thought the ‘disappearing’ motif was just hinting that maybe Ginger wanted to run away, not the other kind of ‘disappear’

It’s deep man.

They don’t make them like that anymore


Just gonna spend my night alone watching As told by ginger and work on my kandi wings for pride


There’s an episode of As Told By Ginger where someone’s grandma dies and it always hit me really hard because I first watched it around the time my great-grandma was dying, so I always got really sad and scared when I saw that episode come on.