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Great Shows:

  • As Told by Ginger
  • Blossom
  • Lizzie McGuire 


it’s weird how often I think of that episode of as told by Ginger where her mom won’t let her shave her legs

90’s TV show you watch with your kids


if ive ever related to an animated characacter its nigel thornberry

and Carl and Hoodsey from as told by ginger


"When watching As Told By Ginger, I skip the subplots with Carl and Hoodsey."
Confession By:
- klokateer1221

You, my friend, are missing out on some great dialogue and hilariously placed jokes!


I can’t believe I’m watching As Told By Ginger I never thought I would be able to again


Real talk, I love “As Told By Ginger” because the show:
Had a biracial relationship.
Showed a lower/middle class, single-parent family.
Had multiple races interacting and there wasn’t stereotypes perpetuated.
There’s much more, I’m sure. Like this was such a progressive show and it really says a lot that it wasn’t super popular. 


I’m watching as told by ginger wishing they had more shows like this now. ATBG had some deep stuff on it.


does anyone remember “As Told by Ginger”


When are they going to add “As Told by Ginger” on Netflix? …Slackers.

Sorry for the lack of post.

I’m in college now so when I get my schedule together I’ll be back out here😘


Sometimes I really like Orian Much more than Darren